The Labor Institute for Training (LIFT) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization based in Indiana. Our goal is to advocate for and assist in the development of educational programs that increase and improve individual’s employment opportunities.

LIFT delivers workshops, training seminars, and technical assistance to support worker centered scenarios and includes services such as Transition Centers, Joint Labor/Management Partnerships, Employee groups, Employers, State and Local Workforce Investment Boards, Workforce Investment Act and other related workforce development service providers.

LIFT continuously strives to shape workforce development efforts that help prepare workers for maintaining employment or finding new employment if laid-off. We seek employment and training resources, both public and private, to build and expand upon successful models to create and support good jobs and a strong economy.

LIFT services include:

  • Utilization of Workforce Investment Act Rapid Response to assist workers who have lost employment as a result of employer action.
  • Provision of pre- and post-layoff transition workshops including Peer-to-Peer, Outreach Coordinator Training, Transition Leadership Team, Facilitation and direct employee services.
  • Coordination of supportive services through collaboration with WIA One Stops in the 3 states.
  • Assistance to dislocated workers to regain productive employment by securing funding necessary to help them with training and transition services.
  • Provision of information about model employment and training programs, occupational trends and training needs for employees, dislocated workers and employers.
  • Implementation of layoff aversion strategies for facilities at risk of mass layoff or closing.
  • Development and implementation of incumbent worker education and training programs to enhance the skill set of existing workers.
  • Strategic alliances in support of customized, worker-centered employment and training solutions.
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